“It’s not how much we
give, but how much love
we put into giving.”
– Mother Teresa

The Annual Caring Awards

Senators Bob Dole and Tom Daschle, Co-Chairs of the Caring Institute announced the 2014 Caring Award winners. These ten amazing adults and six extraordinary youths were acknowledged in a commemorated Caring Awards Ceremony at the Omni Montelucia Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona. They were inducted into the Caring Hall of Fame.

The winners were chosen by the prestigious Board of Trustees of the Caring Institute. The following received awards on Saturday, October 18, 2014.
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2014 Caring Award Winners

International Caring Award Winner

Clinton President Bill Clinton
Restoring Caring as a Core American Value
Bill Clinton is known for feeling people’s pain – and doing something to ease it. As president, he ranked with FDR and Lincoln as one of our country’s most caring leaders. Since leaving office, he has continued on the same path of service through the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and its programs, including the Clinton Global Initiative. He has brought health care to developing nations, provided their citizens with clean water, and helped them fight malaria, polio, and HIV/AIDS. He has been active in disaster relief and joined with Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush in raising funds for hurricane and tsunami victims. He has also been a catalyst for the work of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, along with the Thea and Gates Foundations. Through his global impact on millions, Clinton has come to stand for caring, the value that Mother Teresa defined as “love in action.”
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Adult Caring Award Winners

Clinton Lonnie and Muhammad Ali
Advocates for Children and for Combating Neurological Disease
Lonnie and Muhammad Ali founded the Muhammad Ali Center to provide children and adults with the tools to contribute to their communities. They also set an example by devoting much of their time to philanthropic causes in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Their many efforts include hosting a yearly Celebrity Fight Night which generates funds for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at Barrow Neurological Institute. They are also leading the fight against Alzheimer’s and striving to achieve mental health parity in health insurance plans.

Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly
Leading the Fight Against Cancer and For Responsible Gun Laws
Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, have overcome personal trauma to fight gun violence and support research on cancer. They launched Americans for Responsible Solutions to encourage elected officials to stand up for ways to prevent gun violence and ensure responsible gun ownership. Giffords has also inspired victims of traumatic injuries through her own sterling example. Together with Kelly, she has written a best-selling memoir Gabby: A Story of Courage, Love and Resilience and the soon-to-be-released Enough: Our Fight to Keep America Safe from Gun Violence.

Jane Seymour, OBE
Champion Extraordinaire for Children
Jane Seymour is an actress, artist, writer, designer – and world-renowned advocate for children. She has given her time and talents to a number of organizations: the American Red Cross; Camp Soaring Eagle, which serves children with special needs; and especially Childhelp, a revered Phoenix-based organization that helps prevent child abuse and care for its victims. In addition, Seymour created her own Open Hearts Foundation to support children and adults with programs that empower them and teach them how to turn adversity into opportunity. The extent of her contributions is so great that Queen Elizabeth honored her as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

Jeff Miller and Earl Morse
Honoring Those Who Have Honored the Nation with their Service
Miller and Morse are co-founders of the Honor Flight Network which helps veterans of all ages travel to Washington, DC, in order to visit the World War II Memorial and other monuments dedicated to their service. To date, Honor Flight has paid to bring more than 150,000 World War II veterans to Washington where they can meet old comrades, share memories of the past, and receive a well-deserved round of applause from the public and its leaders. By creating Honor Flight, Miller and Morse have shined a light on forgotten heroes who deserve our thanks and our respect.

Don Tapia
Advocate for Education, Champion of the Blind, Disabled, and Underprivileged
Tapia doesn’t believe in turning a blind eye to those in need. He has long been a supporter of the Foundation for the Blind, helped the visually impaired to stay in school, and assisted them in paying for guide dogs. As a board member of the Animal Welfare League, he does all he can to ensure that animals are well treated, and he has made equal efforts on behalf of higher education. He has shown his commitment by sponsoring college scholarships for disadvantaged youth and for the children of fallen policemen, firemen, and servicemen killed in action.

Kurt and Brenda Warner
The Ultimate Good Neighbors
Kurt Warner is famed as a star of pro football and one of the most caring athletes around. He and his wife Brenda believe in putting family and faith first, and their focus is doing good. So they have established the First Things First Foundation which helps children be everything they can be. They provide all expense paid trips for ill children to Disneyland, build recreation centers in children's hospitals, fight to ensure that children with special needs are included fully in society, and help mentor foster kids. If there were a Super Bowl of Caring, the Warners would likely be its champs.

Young Adult Caring Award Winners

Clinton Nicholas Lowinger
Age 16, Rhode Island
Nicholas founded Gotta Have Sole to provide underprivileged children with shoes. His passion for service has enabled him to provide new shoes for over 17,000 children in 35 states.
Clinton Taylor Leong
Age 15, Massachusetts
Taylor founded For the Love of Erika, an organization that collects toys and distributes them to ill and disadvantaged kids. Her efforts have resulted in $200,000 worth of toys for more than 8,000 children at hospitals and homeless shelters.
Clinton Ashlee Smith
Age 15, Nevada
Ashlee distributes toys to victims of floods, fires, and natural disasters through her organization, Ashlee’s Toy Closet. She has collected and distributed over 175,000 toys that give comfort and joy to young people nationwide.
Clinton Cassandra Lin
Age 16, Rhode Island
Cassandra founded Turning Grease Into Fuel (TGIF), which salvages cooking oil and recycles it into fuel to heat the homes of the needy. Her warmhearted efforts have produced 170,000 gallons of biodiesel and helped 290 families to heat their homes.
Katherine and Isabelle Adams
Ages 8 and 10, Texas
Katherine and Isabelle make and sell origami ornaments through their organization Paper for Water and use the proceeds to build wells in India, Ethiopia, and other developing nations. Since 2011, they have raised more than $400,000 for 50 wells.

Nomination Guidelines

What qualities and accomplishments are you looking for in Caring Award candidates?

Successful candidates are role models with an extraordinary sense of public service. They can come from any walk of life but all share a deep and selfless concern for others. Like previous winners, they have a long-term commitment to social improvement, whether in the community, nation, or world. Ideally, they have founded an organization designed to serve others and also made an impact that will last their lifetime and beyond.

What are the guidelines to be eligible for a young adult Caring Award?

Young adults must be nominated before their graduation from high school or eighteenth birthday. They are not eligible for the award and the $2,000 scholarship that goes with it once they are enrolled at a junior college, college, or university.

How do I nominate someone for a Caring Award?

Simply complete a nomination form and submit it, along with a written summary explaining why you think your nominee should be recognized. Include the names and phone numbers of contacts who are familiar with your nominee’s endeavors. For young adults, state their birth date, school, and grade. We encourage you to support your nomination with two letters of recommendation, including one from an educator if the nominee is a young adult. If possible, also includenewspaper clips, magazine articles, and other information that shows why they might deserve this prestigious honor.

When can I nominate someone for a Caring Award?

Nominations for adults and young adults are accepted year round. But we will consider nominees for the following year if their nominations arrive after the deadline announced each year on the Caring Institute home page. Please note that we must receive nominations for high school seniors before their date of graduation.

What is the National Caring Awards nomination process?

We give careful consideration to every nomination we receive. After reviewing the nomination materials, our staff and volunteers conduct interviews and perform further research. The best candidates are evaluated by our directors, who consider both diversity and depth of service as they further narrow the pool. Based on their input, we prepare two ballots – one for adults, another for young adults – then distribute them for a vote to our trustees and former Caring Award winners. The finalists must confirm that they can be present to accept the award at our official ceremony and attend the celebration events. If not, they’ll be scheduled to receive their award at the next available opportunity, and another finalist may be chosen to fill their slot. The remaining finalists need not give up since they can be considered again on future ballots.

How do we honor Caring Award winners?

We fly winners to a special awards ceremony, where they attend a VIP reception and a gala celebration of their achievements. As a souvenir of this special day, they receive a certificate with a picture of Mother Teresa and the exquisite statue of a crystal angel who stands for the divine spirit of caring. Each winner also has this spirit within, as we show when we feature their profiles in our award-winning magazine CARING. And we continue to honor their contributions by inducting them into the Caring Hall of Fame, where visitors can see their photos and read their stories for many years to come